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            location:Home>>English>>Products>>Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

            Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

            Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine


            Reinforcing mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technique, welding time and separate welding are controlled by automatic control system & HMI, operation more intelligent. The welding transformer working separately, to reduce the capacity requirement of power transformer, and reduce the impact current. The line wire and cross wire are pre-straight and pre-cut.

            1.    Frequency control brake motor matching helical gear reducer connect the main shaft, equipped with DELTA frequency inverter to ensure machine working more stable and efficient.

            2.    Control system adopts PANASONIC PLC automatic control system, input and display working parameters by WEINVIEW touch-screen, makes the operation more intelligent and simplify.

            3.    Cross wire feeding hopper device adopts adopts stepper motor driving disc device to feed wire automatically, the hopper with large storage capacity of wire, the machine will stop working automatically when there is no cross wire in hopper.

            4.    Line wire sending device adopts PANASONIC servo motor with planetary reducer driving pneumatic clamping sending wire device to send line wire to welding position, machine will welding automatically, while it welding, labor can prepare the line wires for the next mesh panel, save more time and increase the production efficiency. (Optional )

            5.    Pulling mesh device adopts PANASONIC servo motor with planetary reducer driving pneumatic clamping pulling mesh device, makes the mesh size more accurate. Automatic continuous reciprocating pulling mesh to achieve extra longer mesh production.

            6.    The machine equipped with water cooling welding electrode, new epoxy resin pouring type water cooling mesh welding special transformer, compared with traditional transformer, it have more small size , high security and reliability.

            7.    Low-voltage apparatus all adopts world famous brand products, such as  SCHNEIDER, TENGEN, ABB etc, and pneumtaic components is SMC brand.To ensure machine working more stable and efficient.


            The welded reinforcing mesh widely used as reinforcing mesh in building, bridge, road, construction and so on.


            Input Voltage

            3-Phase 380V/220V/415V/440V 50Hz/60Hz

            Wire Diameter



            Width of Mesh



            Number of Electrode



            Rated Capacity



            Line Wire Space



            Cross Wire Space



            Line Wire Feeding

            Pre-cut wire

            Pre-cut wire

            Cross Wire Feeding

            Pre-cut wire

            Pre-cut wire

            Welding Speed

            40-65 times/min

            45-75 times/min


            7500 Kg

            5500 Kg

            Overall Size



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